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Communism is a form of Government that allows people no freedoms like todays Mexico but without any Coca Cola.


Many people blame Stalin for Communism but they are wrong. It was in fact King Charles I who introduced communism when he opened box in 1672 AD and out came Terry Wogan, Communism and some people by the name of Chuckie Cheez.

The Chuckie Cheez soon found life good and set up a whole reign of monster restaurants selling third rate cheese. Terry Wogan eventually killed King Charles and took over the British Crown and started a golden age of radio 2 .

Communism soon turned into a giant monster that ate all of France and turned Russia into commies in 1917 BC.

What is communism?[edit]

Communism is a disease that has spread across Europe and Asia. It also comes in many other forms. These forms are such: King size, large, glazed, portable and remote. King size can be noted as the most common kind. In King size there is one man with all the peoples views. These views are usually selfishness, anger, and the murder of innocent people. Large can be found in places like the "Peoples" "Republic" of china. Their national past times are ones like Retrogressball and murdercross. Glazed is a side form in which places like "Peoples' Republic" of China are named. This can also be noted in the USSR ( Socialist Republic). Most glazeng is the result of an oxymoron. Portable usually comes in forms like religion, cell phones and birds.

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